DBKL Charges RM30K For Gigs, WHAT?

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Ever since the embarrassing video of the 26 year old ‘comedian’ with 7 boyfriends has caused a massive storm on social media, the local government has decided to have an attempt to control the situation. Their solution is: Imposing a RM30K deposit for any comedic or artsy gigs.

The deal is, if there’s no repeat of Ami’s nonsense by other so-called ‘comedians’, the organisers will get back the money. If not, DBKL will keep the deposit as a fine. For an organiser to retrieve back their RM30k, they’d need to at least wait 4 months for it.

However, the local government’s preventive measures were not taken well by netizens as they claim that a city like Kuala Lumpur should be a centre of the arts. However, with ridiculous charges like these, the arts would most definitely be reserved only for the rich.

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