Kleo On Netflix Outfits Inspired By BALENCIAGA? 

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The new show recently released on Netflix going by the name Kleo follows the story of an East German spy named Kleo. Her mission was to find out who put her in jail and along the way she had to look for a red suitcase. 

However, within the juicy drama and spy moves, Kleo’s outfits look strikingly similar to Balenciaga clothes. Her oversized jackets matched with colourful sweaters and pants seem to be aesthetically fashionable with minimal effort. 

But as the story goes, Balenciaga’s current creative director, Denma was inspired by his youth growing up in a post soviet country. The clothes people wore then were mismatched and oversized. Probably that was the case for Kleo as well. Not to mention the tiny sunglasses she wears also fits the ‘Balenciaga’ look. 

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