Najib’s Daughter Claims He’s Innocent, Netizens Not Buying It 

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As the country rejoiced in Najib Razak’s conviction, his family is left to grieve. Yana Najib, his daughter, claims that the former Prime Minister is innocent and his jail sentence is proven to be dangerous for future Prime Ministers. 

Unfortunately for her, not many would actually agree with that statement. Netizens retaliated to what she had to say. They said that law and order is applied to everyone, including corrupt officials. Others questioned that having corrupted officials on the loose is much better than arresting them? 

The crimes Najib Razak has committed are infamous world wide, down to American journalists hunting down his financial crimes. Tom Wright stated that in 2014, Najib and Rosmah casually spent RM600,000 on a Chanel watch, while 200,000 Malaysians lost their homes during a flood at the time. 

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