Baju Kelawar Lady Got Robbed, Grab Rider Helped Her

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Recently, a tweet went viral regarding a woman getting robbed while wearing her homewear which is usually dubbed as ‘baju kelawar.’ Netizens are awed at the whole situation because it seems to be something that came out of a movie. 

The lady put up a strong fight against the robber, and it shows that women are strong as well. Netizens speculate that she has ties to the army or is in fact in the army herself due to her strength in pulling. 

The hero of the day, who was a Grab delivery rider, rammed the assailant’s motorcycle to distract him and proceeded to help the lady. The commotion then called the public to help the lady. In the end, the robber was caught and he was a normal able bodied man. Netizens aren’t happy as he could easily get a job and not rob. 

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