Najib’s Daughter Seen Wearing Bracelets Worth RM146,000

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The Cartier Leve bracelets or usually pronounced as ‘love’ is one of the most popular luxury fine jewellery out there. So popular that most fashion TikTok influencers would call it ‘basic’ at this point. On Twitter, a netizen with sharp eyes spotted that Yana Najib was wearing 5 of them. 

Cartier sells them for RM28,500 each. Many are angry at Najib’s family for their frivolous spending habits. However, her purchase of the bracelets was probably a few years ago and it’s noted that those specific bracelets were RM12,000 each back in 2019. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine wearing the price of someone’s house on your own wrist. Many stated that it looks ‘cheap’ stacked like that. However, in my personal opinion, it does look good on her and she carries it well, discounting the whole debacle that is being faced by her family. 

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