PAS Youth Threatens Protest If Government Doesn’t Stop Concerts 

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There r more important issues to worry about, yet ppl r worried about CONCERTS? #shouldbeme #pas #malaysia

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PAS, known as the ‘Islamic’ party of Malaysia has recently been involved in a drama where their youth division is fighting against international concerts being held in Malaysia. The main concern is that these concerts are not going to be held in their ruling states anyways. 

Furthermore, each concert ticket contributes to the nation’s tax collections. If that segment is cut off, our country will be making less income, thus daily necessities such as nasi lemak and eggs will obviously increase in price. Netizens joked that we should make a Mat Kilau music festival for PAS’ approval. 

Netizens reminded PAS that there are many non Muslims in this country and the fact that it is still a secular country. Many mentioned that PAS should fix their water and flood situation for their states rather than dabbling in petty arguments like this. 

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