UMNO’s Anger Over Najib Razak

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It is very clear that since the imprisonment of our former Prime Minister, Najib Razak, some of the UMNO leaders have expressed their disapproval of the current Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri.

However, a netizen questioned why is UMNO upset about the law or justice being carried out, altogether questioning the position of the party on corruption. The netizen also said there should not be any get rich quick scheme when someone joins politics.

Many tweeted against UMNO since the verdict not because they are against the party but because of the way Umno is reacting after Najib’s jailing. Nevertheless, the perception among netizens is that Umno is acting like absolute winner for the next GE but a netizen showed a brief timeline from 2008 onwards in which support for UMNO has been in decline at the national level.

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