See Inside This Mind Blowing RM200 Million Property!

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YouTube has some gems and some incredible stuff to show and with the rise of more YouTubers or Vloggers now, we can see some amazing things like this Singapore $63,000,000 property! You won’t believe your eyes just like you can’t believe properties can be worth that much!

“This is how the legendary relic hunter’s good class bungalow looks like.\”, says the YouTube channel reporting on this great piece of bungalow.

It says the property is situated on a land size of 26,642 sq ft, and is modelled after Chang’An, the ancient capital of the Tang Dynasty.

“The owner took a total of 4 years to built this castle with 100 of trailers to move every relic into the house. Watch on to find out about what this castle entails! Give us a thumbs up and share if you have been mind-blown!”

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