Netizens Not Looking Forward For What Yana Najib Has To Say 

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Since her father, Najib Razak broke Malaysia’s record for being the first ex-PM to have ever entered prison, she has been pretty vocal. She has played the sympathy points, has gotten flagged by Instagram and bashed by netizens on Twitter. 

Netizens are now not looking forward to what she has to say and they call her ‘annoying’. Some even stated that she should be jailed too for not allegedly paying her income taxes. Others joked that maybe she’ll have a happy reunion with her family, all being in Kajang prison. 

Recently, she was mocked for publicly crying that her dad can’t have Starbucks anymore. In Malaysia, high sugary drinks are considered a luxury. Netizens say that maybe now we might know what Rosmah likes to drink as Yana Najib goes on another rant phase. 

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