More Expensive Roti Canai, Ramly Burgers in JB

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Are the prices of food in Johor Bahru (including Roti Canai) rising because it is inevitable under the pressure of inflation or is it a ploy to cash in with the arrival of tons of Singaporeans who are shopping like crazy in the city?

Shop owners are denying that they are increasing the prices to take advantage of the influx of Singaporeans – on Sept 2, it took drivers 7 hours to cross the border from Sg-Jb – while the increase in prices are impacting locals who are forced to tighten their belts.

While shops are saying there is an increase in food menu items, due to the sustained hike in costs of food products like eggs, cooking oil, flour (so Roti Canai prices goes up), rice and meat, some JB dwellers are saying they are cutting costs by eating plain rice and fried egg during the week. Read the full story here.

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