Balenciaga’s New ‘Bottle Slippers’: HOAX 

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Balenciaga has been known to release weird products from time to time, and it looks like others have gone in making fun of them. A concept artist recently released a couple of photos showing the bottle slippers, especially like those worn by children in Central Africa and many believed that they actually made the product. 

However, thankfully for Balenciaga’s reputation, the whole ordeal is just a hoax. It would not be surprising if they actually did release such items, but the response would not be as nice as they’d hope it would be. 

The luxury brand has gotten into hot waters after releasing their ‘trash bag’ pouches and the shoelace necklace and earrings. The weirdest take from Balenciaga’s anti fashion is that other fashion houses, namely Louis Vuitton, have been following in their footsteps as well.

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