Khairy Out in Next Elections?

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Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin may not contest in the country’s next GE if Barisan Nasional and Umno deputy chairman Mohamad Hasan decides to contest the Rembau parliamentary seat after the latter hinted that he could run for the seat, suggesting that Khairy must make way for him.

“He (Mohamad) mentioned it a couple of years back. But then, that was quite tentative. And, of course, he made a speech last year or something, I wasn’t even there, saying that he was going to contest in Rembau,” Mr Khairy said. “But he’s passed the message to me that I have to get out of his way.”

Khairy told the media that Mohammad or Mat Hassan recently made the request. “Anyway, you know, what can I do? He’s the boss,” says Khairy who adds that he has no plans for other seats after 15 years of contesting in Rembau since 2008.

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