What Is Happening To Originality In Luxury? 

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Luxury brands typically pride themselves for being original and making items that are ‘high end’ and ‘high fashion’ when in reality, most of them are copying each other. One of the few luxury brands that are counted as original would be Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta. 

Hermes’ Day Sneaker
Gucci Ace Sneaker

Recently, a bunch of designers are subtly copying each other in terms of their shoes, where Moncler was seen as the first to release shoes in that style. Then it was followed by Gucci, Givenchy and now even Hermes is joining in that trend. 

Givenchy’s take at it
Moncler, allegedly the original

Basically, the brand would either put their name/logo or brand signatures as a ‘stripe’ over their sneakers. It is nice to see that others are doing iterations of that specific look, but what happened to the days where brands stood out for their own ‘looks’ or cuttings. 

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