Lana Del Rey Criticised For Gaining Weight

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We live in an ironic world where ‘woke’ people are trying to define the laws of society and claim that everyone is beautiful regardless of their size. Ironically, that does not apply to celebrities such as Lana Del Rey as her recent weight gain has gotten bad press towards her.

Regardless of her weight gain, she is still beautiful, talented and rich. Many are questioning the ‘woke’ community for robbing the body positivity movement away from her. Others claimed that she has stopped doing drugs and has recently gotten out of her eating disorder.

Many also criticised her for dating an American police officer. The response to that is, if you hate the police, who are you gonna call if you get robbed? Some of her fans loved her conditionally, meaning she had to have a certain look for them to love her, once it’s gone, they’re gone too.

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