When Investing, Invest Carefully 

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The craze of getting rich has gotten everyone in a frenzy where some would even take out taxing loans just to invest. The key word in this whole thing is ‘investing’, and it is not a get rich quick scheme. One bad move and you could lose it all. 

A netizen on TikTok claimed to have lost RM80,000 after investing in these two segments. Others advised to invest in multiple segments, do not put all eggs in one basket as if it falls you lose all. On the other hand, having a diversified portfolio will have lesser risk of losing it all. 

Many recommended playing safe with ASB and gold. However even for crypto, the safe bets are Ethereum and Bitcoin. The moral of the story here is to be wary of what you invest in and do not risk everything in hopes for you to get rich tomorrow. 

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