iPhone 14 Is Announced, Price Increase Included 

The long anticipated wait for the exact same phone (lookwise) that we know and love is finally released, and with a pretty price tag coming with it. The iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at RM5,799 for the 128gb model up from last year’s RM5,399. The normal iPhone 14 starts from RM4,199 and the all new 14 Max would cost RM4,699. 

They also have a new colour for the Pro line up, which is a beautiful purple colour. Additional colours other than Gold, Silver and Space Grey/Black are usually seasonal colours and would probably be discontinued when the next models come out. 

The iPhone 13 and 14 look identical to each other, especially if you get the black or white options. However, the new Apple watches and iPhones have an important new feature which is crash detection, if you’re involved in a car accident the device will alert the authorities. 

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