Malaysian Woman Arrested For Alleged Hiring of Hitman To kill Husband

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A 37-year-old Malaysian woman was arrested in Klang after initially telling police that her husband had been stabbed to death by two robbers in an incident on Sept 15. She told police she was robbed by two Indonesians who stabbed her husband and lost multiple designer bags and cash.

The former court interpreter is suspected of hiring a hitman to murder her husband, a tow truck driver and car parts salesman because she desired his insurance money. A man entered their home in the middle of the night, stabbed the man 14 times, and re-arranged the murder scene to make it look like a robbery attempt.

The victim allegedly ran out of the house to call for help, but died from injuries in his arm and face, according to police, but she allegedly instructed the hitman to remove the CCTV hard drive after she verified that her husband had died.

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