Air Asia: Now Everyone Can Get Pissed Off

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The topic of AirAsia pissing off their customers has been relevant since 2020 when the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Since then, they have been scrutinised by their customers for not being able to get their rightful refunds. The airline also has since been having multiple delays and overbooking flights. 

Now, according to a netizen on Twitter, the airline decided to give compensation to some customers under the guise of vouchers. However, a netizen was unable to use their vouchers due to certain price differences but when received the voucher, the airline promised that they can just pay the price difference in order to use it. 

The worst part is, the voucher would only cover the base fare of any flights. You would still need to cover the airport tax and other additional fees according to the airline, regardless if you had already paid for it for the flight that was cancelled. 

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