DAP Losing Out But Will Win In Penang

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The push by BN and Umno in Penang is a reflection of the situation across the country and DAP is not spared by the rise in support for the government, however, Penang is still safely in the hands of the DAP while we should expect them to win by a smaller margin this time.

This is what the Straits Times Singapore wrote today on politics in Penang and it adds that the DAP’s power is waning, with Mr Lee Teck Gee, a self-confessed former DAP foot soldier in his 50s, saying that the state government needed some fresh competition because the DAP has been in power for too long, and he is supporting the Warisan, a Sabah-based party.

According to the newspaper, the elections will take place in late November. However, politicians and analysts believe that the coalition will be denied a two-thirds majority in the 40-member state assembly and may lose up to ten of the 33 seats it currently holds.

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