Fake News On China’s Xi Jinping Swarms The Internet

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It is after the supposed masterstroke by India’s Modi against Xi that the rumours of Xi’s arrest started to spread

The internet was recently swarmed by fake reports of a coup d’état in China led by the army and the imprisonment or house arrest of China’s most powerful man, President Xi Jinping.

Who sparked the rumours and spread the fake news is not known at the moment but Indian blogs and shady outlets as well as some of its mainstream news sites were speculation about Xi Jinping and his ‘imprisonment’.

However, today the Chinese Communist Party, perhaps the world’s biggest and most powerful political organisation, announced Xi as its leader though it did not deny any of the rumours circulating during the weekend. With the CCP’s announcement, it looks like Xi might earn a rare third term as leader of the party and of the country.

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