Those Who Love Japanese Food Better Beware – Netizens Claim 

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The most recent gossip on Facebook was that a Japanese instant rice noodle packet from Tonkotsu has pork flavouring. However, despite the pork flavouring, it has the halal chop from the Japanese Halal association. 

Nevertheless, this is not real pork, as it is just pork flavouring. It is listed as suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well. Unfortunately, in Islam this may still considered as non halal as the animal is not supposed to be consumed in any way or form, even if its artificially made. 

Netizens expressed their shock and claimed that the manufacturer did not respect Islam. Some stated that pork flavouring is alright as no contents of the animal is placed in the food, but many agreed that even just the taste is still haram. 

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