Man Cries Wolf By Pretending To Be Hit By Car 

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As the economy is turning to a recession phase, many are struggling to make ends meet. However, there are some, it seems that tried to be crafty enough to attempt insurance fraud. A man was recorded by a dash cam running towards the moving vehicle and proceeded to ‘fall’ after getting ‘hit’ by it. 

The dashcam showed it was obvious that the man was faking it. The recording shows that the situation appears to have happened in Singapore. Thankfully, the driver managed to stop right on time before actually hitting the scammer. 

Netizens commented that these scammers would try to hold drivers hostage after faking their injuries. A comment stated that the scammer thought that he’s living during Mat Kilau’s time but unfortunately for him, in our day and age we have dash cams to record live evidence. 

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