Sheraton Four Point’s Non Halal Lift Drama 

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The controversial Siti Kassim has recently brought the issue of a ‘non-halal’ lift to Twitter. Her concerns are that one could assume the lift could mean a segregation of non-muslims from muslims. Siti Kassim then demanded to know the rationale behind this signage. 

A netizen responded to her by saying the lift is meant to carry non-halal goods such as alcohol. She then disagreed with the netizen saying that a segregated lift for alcohol and other non-halal goods would be impractical and implied that next, even roads could be segregated. 

Most netizens agreed with her statement saying the ‘talibanization’ of our country is reaching a boiling point. Many are joking that we could have a ‘halal’ toilet and changing rooms. However, this whole ‘halal’ ordeal is just that major corporations are using it to maximise profitability from the conservative muslims in this country. 

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