Don’t Burden Your Children With Your Financial Decisions – Netizen’s Advice 

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A netizen eavesdropped on a conversation that happened between a mother and a child where the mother advised her child to take a personal loan. The personal loan would then help pay a car loan and credit cards. 

Apparently, it is common for certain parents to tell their children “you are working now, pay my credit card bills” . It is not an advisable option as the child is still trying to have their place in the world. He then stated that parents who think forward for their own child would instead save up and help their child for things like a home or car down payments. 

Others recommend that parents save up RM10 every month for the child and by the time they’re 18 it will be RM2,160, at least that would be something for the child to use. Some netizens mentioned that T20 parents frequently do this to not ‘downgrade’ their ‘lifestyle.’ 

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