In America, You Can Now Date A ‘Right Wing’ Person Via New App

In America, You Can Now Date A 'Right Wing' Person Via New App

The political divide is growing at an immense rate in the United States and this is sparking new businesses, spilling into the ‘dating’ business with a new app, The Right Stuff.

As if having the app on Apple Store is not enough, to join The Right Stuff, one has to answer questions about the bloody January 6 incident in the US and it has a 2.1 rating in the iOS store. Reports say reviewers are complaining about the app’s invite-only system, lack of women, and uh… visits from the FBI.

The Right Stuff, founded by Trump advisers and backed by billionaire Trumpite Peter Thiel, is a safe zone for anyone allergic to pronouns and liberals, and it is a place where you don’t have to call people ‘they or them,’ and perhaps where gays and lesbians are banned? Do they allow abortionists??

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