In America, You Can Now Date A ‘Right Wing’ Person Via New App

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Kazi Mahmood
UX/UI Designer at - Adobe

The political divide is growing at an immense rate in the United States and this is sparking new businesses, spilling into the ‘dating’ business with a new app, The Right Stuff.

As if having the app on Apple Store is not enough, to join The Right Stuff, one has to answer questions about the bloody January 6 incident in the US and it has a 2.1 rating in the iOS store. Reports say reviewers are complaining about the app’s invite-only system, lack of women, and uh… visits from the FBI.

The Right Stuff, founded by Trump advisers and backed by billionaire Trumpite Peter Thiel, is a safe zone for anyone allergic to pronouns and liberals, and it is a place where you don’t have to call people ‘they or them,’ and perhaps where gays and lesbians are banned? Do they allow abortionists??

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