Apple Talks Of Being Environmentally Friendly, But Are They? 

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One of the most controversial Apple decisions was for them to remove the power adapter for the iPhone 12 models back in 2020. They claimed that it was meant to ‘save the environment’ by making the boxes smaller, which then would save on shipping costs. 

However, the whole irony here is that the new iPhones no longer come with headphones as well. Most people are still buying these two important things, which also adds up to the cost of the phone. The power adapter is now RM99 each, and the headphones, airpods are RM600 and up. 

To think that buying a ‘premium’ product will get you everything that you need, the full irony is that it won’t. Apple should be seen as the Chanel of the tech world with their overpriced products and the questions of reliability of a new product from either brand are also concerns for their customer base. 

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