Netizens Fed Up With Careless ‘Rempits’

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Malaysia is a weird country, it’s due to the fact that even if a motorcyclist hits your car, you are still in the wrong. A recent viral video of a motorcyclist being careless and hitting a car went viral, and netizens are asking whether he is dead or not.

A lawyer tweeted that he has little to no empathy for the careless riders. Questions are raised asking why are they more favoured in court as compared to car drivers that can at times also be innocent? Unfortunately, nobody, not even the government nor the opposition has an answer to this.

A reply stated that it is due to motorcycles having a lesser insurance premium. However, that is not the point of wronging an innocent bystander. Netizens are urging others to install dashcams on their cars as video evidence can be used.

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