Trump Towers Blasting Lana Del Rey Music? 

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It was alleged on TikTok that a netizen was passing by the Trump Towers in New York and was surprised that the lobby was playing Lana Del Rey music. Some commenters claimed that Trump’s youngest son Barron was given access to the music cord of the building. 


it’s been a rough few years for this scrapper! #fyp #lanadelrey #wallstreet #guyfieri

♬ original sound – kirk

It appears to be a hoax but another commenter claimed that the building was blasting another Lana Del Rey song and the person thought they were hallucinating. One of the funniest comments were “republic-ana del rey.” 

Now Lana fans are complimenting Donald Trump’s possible taste in music for allegedly playing the song on blast in his buildings. Some are even claiming that Trump is “in his Lana era.” 

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