PAS Splitting Malay Votes

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The PAS decision to support Perikatan Nasional over Umno-BN in the GE15 will split Malay votes in the Malay heartland and give the election a more balanced, if uncertain, outlook.

The contest is more balanced now (or uncertain), because if it was PAS and Umno working together, their joint Malay vote bank would practically give the victory for an Umno-PAS alliance, says an analyst to a Singapore paper.

The analyst, BowerGroupAsia director Adib Zalkapli says such an alliance would deliver nearly all constituencies where Malays form the majority to an Umno-PAS alliance. But now, things are more complicated but analysts are predicting a strong chance of the election returning a hung Parliament though in the end, PAS will work with Umno after the PRU15.

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