Najib Won’t Be Able To Issue GE15 Campaign Statements

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Malaysian prison inmates are banned from making political statements that can contribute to the GE15 campaign and that means Najib won’t be able to play up the issues in the run-up to voting on Nov 19.

This is what Malaysia Prisons Department Director of Prison’s policy Supri Hashim was quoted as saying by a local newspaper “so far, no statements can be issued by prisoners from prison”. He adds that while no inmates are allowed to make statements, any letters from them, even to family members, have to be vetted (and censored if need be) by the prison department first.

Najib would not be permitted to leave prison to campaign in the GE15. Najib applied for a royal pardon within 14 days of his arrest, allowing him to keep his Pekan Parliamentary seat but since parliament was dissolved on October 10, he is no longer an MP.

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