BN Not Expecting Easy Wins: Report

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Kazi Mahmood
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According to Mr Ismail Sabri, vice-president of UMNO, BN can no longer simply field any candidate in an election and expect an easy win.

The Bera lawmaker says that unlike before, BN has to work much harder to garner votes and cannot afford to be in its comfort zone. He says there is a challenging political situation and that makes it not an easy affair for BN.

“In the past, when we contested, we were sure to win even if we fielded a ‘songkok’ (headgear worn by Malay men).

“But times are changing. GE14 (14th General Election) clearly showed us that we cannot merely rely on having the confidence to win many votes easily,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama on Monday.

“Unlike in the past, there is no more guarantee of an easy win. We now have to work very hard.”

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