Nurul Izzah Cautious On Talks Of Unity Gov’t

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Kazi Mahmood
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PKR’s Nurul Izzah is cautious about the idea of a unity government after the elections and that is because the ‘other’ parties should be honest and transparent with each other for such a plan to succeed.

She did not rule out the possibility of a unity government forming after the 15th general election but says, “I think the most disappointing is when I am alone when a decision is taken, the leadership is not honest with me.

“If we practice the principles [which are supported by the party], we are honest, we communicate, this is the decision we made, this is our agenda and all the parties who want to raise the agenda together… we are with you,” she was quoted saying.

According to the incumbent Permatang Pauh MP, it is also necessary to consider the past records of the parties seeking cooperation, as well as the integrity of those elected representatives.

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