Receiving “Bantuan” Devices Only To Sell Them Off For Apple Products? 

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It is no surprise that on Twitter lately, netizens are on a path of destruction towards “B40” students who appear to be more affluent than they are. This is mainly due to them receiving a Samsung Tab under bantuan and wanting to sell it off quickly in order to purchase an iPad. 

Politician Syed Syaddiq also added his two cents to the situation stating that 1/3 of Malaysian students have no electronic devices for them to do their courseworks. Half of the students in Sabah and Sarawak can’t afford such luxuries either. 

He then suggested returning the device and giving it to someone who would actually benefit from it. Netizens who are B40 themselves mentioned that they are not even applying for it in hopes that someone more deserving would receive the device. 

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