The Malaysian Version of Balenciaga? 

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The luxury fashion house Balenciaga has produced some weird products since 2018. However one of their most iconic blazers in collaboration with Gucci looks similar to a local fashion designer’s more recent outfit, Rizman Ruzaini. 

Rizman Ruzaini is another luxury fashion house based in Malaysia, where their couture dresses can cost from RM6,000 up till RM18,000 or more. They in fact do have interesting pieces that are unique, however, this Balenciaga Gucci blazer inspo is not in line with their other pieces. 

Netizens were quick to lash out at the local designer claiming that their designs are a “cheap” ripoff of Balenciaga and Gucci. Others claimed that it wasn’t made very well without actually seeing them in person. We will have to see what is the company’s rebuttal towards the brutal comments of the Malaysian netizens. 

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