iPhone 14 Plus Proven To Be A Flop Product 

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Apple users were disappointed when the tech giant released their new iPhone 14 lineups as the devices literally looked identical to their last year counterparts, the iPhone 13. Furthermore, now the sales of the iPhone 14 Plus, the replacement of the tiny iPhone mini is having its production line temporarily shut. 

It appears that users who want a bigger screen would then opt for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The price difference is only RM1,000, the 14 Plus being RM 4,699 and the 14 Pro Max being RM5,799. 

When a large amount of money is being spent on a device, consumers would tend to opt for the flashier one if the gap is near. Some even jabbed at Apple for removing the charging brick from the iPhone boxes, and implied that could be the reason for the slow sales. 

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