A Pet Grooming Glove Gets 56,000 Reviews!

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Let’s find out why Canadians are going crazy over this pet grooming glove set that has 56,000 reviews on Amazon Canada where it was sold with a 40% discount. The sale shows how much people adore their pets, dogs, cats, fish…oh you do not groom your fish do you?

Nevertheless, the love for animals knows no bounds they say and as a result, whenever a pet-friendly gadget becomes available for purchase, people rush to get their hands on it. This is very good business, is it not?

Now, what is this product about?

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According to a reviewer, the grooming glove is the “answer we were looking for” for our impatient dog. Its adjustable wrist strap “allows me and my children to use it easily,” and our dog’s fur “[came] off.” That should tell you all why people are mad about this glove.

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