MyMalaysia Awards & Charity Night And Economic Recovery Efforts

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‘Reap what you sow’ which means if you plant a seed or do something good,you should expect to reap the rewards at a later date.

This was the message from Associate Colonel (PA) Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah, FMBA Chairman at the MyMalaysia Awards 2022 & Charity Night.

“This is line with the objectives of the MyMalaysia Awards 2022 Charity Night which we Entrepreneurs always take seriously in helping groups that need help to help businesses recover from the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic,” says Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah.

Amy Seok, President of MyLife adds that the MyMalaysia Awards 2022 will be able to further strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the community in the field of entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurs on average consists of professionals contributing their experience and skills in their respective fields in line with the objectives of MyLIFE and will indirectly encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in community to improve the country’s economy especially in the increasing challenges of globalization,” says Amy Seok.

The Charity Night was organised in conjunction with the MyMalaysia Awards 2022 was on 27 October 2022 at Tun Abdul Razak Hall, Bank Rakyat Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was graced by Tan Sri Noh Bin H. Omar, Minister of the Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Malaysia.

This was a charity night involving nearly 800 participants from various business communities in Malaysia was held to encourage SMEs and corporate entrepreneurs to rise again without giving up in line with the aspirations of the “Keluarga Malaysia” towards the recovery of the country’s economy, especially against the post-pandemic challenges of COVID- 19.


The objective of organizing the MyMalaysia Awards 2022 Charity Night is toraise funds to benefit all parties such as award recipients, associations, organizations and companies as well as the Kaseh Cancer & ChronicFoundation (YKKK).

These organisations were selected to receive this year’s charitable donations in addition for being able to celebrate companies that have successfully dealt with the pandemic towards the Malaysian business ecosystem. It also helps to boost economic activities in the country as well as promote the development of local industries.

The organisers say all parties including the Government should join hands in helping each other to ensure the survival of their respective industries and businesses which they need each other.

“We would like to congratulate all the recipients of the MyMalaysia Awards2022 this year,” the FMBA says.

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