Proton or Perodua? Which Is Better?

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The Malaysian debate regarding which local car, Proton or Perodua, is better and which is not, has been around for a long time. Each specific manufacturer has their own plus points and their own dominant era. Proton’s Saga and Perodua’s MyVi are the two most common and popular cars in Malaysia. 

A netizen did a poll asking that question on Twitter. Unfortunately for Proton, Perodua won the poll by a mile. Over 70% said Perodua is a better car manufacturer than Proton. Other netizens listed out the perks of each brand, if you’re in the city use Perodua, if you frequently travel out of town use Proton. 

This is due to Protons having better handling and their cars are more solid. Meanwhile, Perodua cars are more fuel efficient and are considered to be more reliable in the long run. 

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