Toddlers Seen Playing On 17th-floor Window Ledge in KL

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Video is from a user on Facebook: Reff Lia.

In a shocking video, two toddlers, aged 2 and 4, are seen playing on the ledge of an open winder of a tall building – a condominium – in Kuala Lumpur without any adult present. There are security barriers to prevent them from falling off the 17th floor.

It is indeed a heart-stopping moment to watch the video and to feel the chill when we realise that this could have been the worst incident of child neglect in Malaysia.

Police are investigating the case, reported the local daily. The 11-second video was posted on Oct. 25 by Facebook user Reff Lia.

At one especially tense moment, one of the toddlers abruptly stood up, causing their neighbours to scream.

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