Python Eats 54-year-old Indonesian Woman Whole

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An 54-year-old Indonesian woman named Jahra heading for a rubber plantation near her house in the Jambi province on Sumatra Island went missing and was later found in the belly of a python after villagers came across a massive snake resting with an engorged stomach.

Her husband went to search for her after she did not return home as usual from her routine rubber plantation tree tapping for a living, says a local Indonesian media. He found her sandals, jacket, headscarf, torch and machete.

She was found in the stomach of the bloated and massive 6.7m snake a day after she went missing Jahrah’s body was found largely intact and undigested.

A snake conservationist and director of the Indonesia Herpetofauna Foundation told a US media that he suspected a reticulated python was likely responsible and they normally attack smaller prey.

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