KLCC Car Park Now Exposed To Robbery 

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Normally a typical safe mall with the likes of KLCC is unanimously assumed as a safe place. It should be reflected in the parking lots as well, but unfortunately, a netizen had their car windows smashed in an attempted robbery. 

The netizen left a bag filled with baby food and clothes in the car, yet the thief was still curious to see what was in it. The advice was given to others which is to never leave your valuables in the car at the KLCC parking, fearing another incident like this may occur.

KLCC Parking Not Cheap

Another person had their car window smashed as well in KLCC’s parking lot. A work laptop was stolen. Netizens are unhappy at KLCC because of the mishandling of their parking lots as their rates are not cheap.

KLCC parking car park
Photo by Mathan Kumar on Pexels.com

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