Twitter: The “N” Word On The Rise Since Elon Musk Purchase 

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Elon Musk had good intentions when purchasing the social media app Twitter, unfortunately, some of the users on it are using it in a negative way. The “N” word is an offensive and disrespectful word towards the Black American community. Furthermore, it’s plain rude to call someone that. 

Netizens are stating that it’s a very American thing to use the disguise of “free speech” for their racist remarks. Black Americans are accusing White Americans of wanting to say the word badly and are given the chance to do so on Twitter. 

Netizens are blaming “swifties”, a term used for Taylor Swift fans. They are accused of saying the word without a care in the world.

Some are stating that this is the reason why they disapproved of Musk’s purchase of the social media platform. However, there are other platforms that are more appropriate and sensitive as alternatives. 

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