British Billionaire Turns Down Singapore’s Offer To Debate Death Penalty

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Singapore is often criticised for its application of the death penalty and certainly in this decade pressure is growing against the city-state for ignoring growing international calls to remove the hanging by the noose as the ultimate punishment in the country.

One of the main figures who has haunted the Singaporean government on the death penalty is no other than the billionaire Virgin Group founder Richard Branson said he felt ‘compelled to speak out’ against the death penalty in Singapore after the hanging of Malaysian Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam.

Death Penalty

Branson rejected an invitation from Singapore to take part in a televised discussion on the subject as he felt it would turn ‘serious debate into spectacle’. Did he mean it will be difficult to win such a debate in Singapore?

Singapore has folded under pressure from U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who on a recent visit urged the country to get rid of laws against sodomy, but is willing to execute people instead.

death penalty
British Billionaire Richard Branson says debate will not do justice to the topic

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