Locals Angry While Singapore Ramps Up Foreign Talent Search

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Singapore is back on track, joining the race for foreign talent search to beef up its economy and as usual, this has sparked more fears among local jobseekers who say they may be shunned from employment while the locals badly need jobs to survive the current sluggish glocal economy.

But Singapore seems to have no choice but to snatch the best talents from the global market. Nevertheless, locals are criticising the move asking the authorities why are they not fulfilling another promise of ‘upskilling’ and training locals to fill those jobs?

On social media, criticism is up against the ruling PAP after Mr Rishi Sunak won the race to become the UK PM with people saying non of the PAP ministers seem to qualify for top jobs in global companies whereas Kenya in Africa has produced two global political leaders (SIC).

Foreign Talent Search

Foreign Talent Search
Kenya has produced two global leaders

Rishi Sunak’s father hails from Kenya and US President Barack Obama’s dad is also Kenyan.

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