Anwar Seen Winning In Tambun

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A recent feature story in a local portal says PH leader Anwar Ibrahim is seen winning in Tambun despite the Bersatu’s Ahmad Faizal Azumu being a local and contributing to the constituency, but Anwar represents a bigger and better vision.

The voters also say Anwar has an advantage, that is his experience, prominence, and greater multiracial appeal, and will benefit from unhappiness among locals with the repeated political crises in the state.

Others say Anwar has a clear advantage on paper, especially with the PKR support growing in Tambun.

The constituency comprises 67 per cent Malay voters, 20 per cent Chinese, and 11 per cent Indian, with other communities making up the balance and it means there are 40,000 non-Malay voters who could back Anwar while the Malay vote is split between PH, BN and PN.

Anwar in Tamban

Anwar in Tambun
Anwar Tambun

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