Math Tutor Jailed in Singapore For Punching 8-year-old Girl

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Do not give wrong answers or this teacher will swing at you and you might have a swollen face after that seemed to have been the motto of a Singaporean math tutor jailed for doing exactly that to an 8-year-old girl.

In one incident, the 56-year-old lost his cool after the girl provided incorrect answers, prompting him to punch her and push her head downwards.

He repeated the same actions in a second incident but he was caught on CCTV. Teo Thian Hoe was sentenced on November 2 by a district court to four days’ jail, which he will begin serving on November 7 after he pleaded guilty.

Math Tutor Jailed

math tutor jailed
Math tutor jailed for punching little girl – Photo by George Becker on

He was sentenced over a single charge of voluntarily causing hurt, with a second similar charge taken into consideration for his sentencing and will probably be known as the math tutor jailed for punching a little girl.

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