Negeri Sembilan Will Be A PH Stronghold

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Pakatan Harapan rules in Negeri Sembilan and it is now working very hard to make the state a stronghold, just like Penang and Selangor is. Successfully adding Negeri Sembilan to the list of strong PH states will be good for the coalition.

The general election on November 19 will be PH’s first real test because it will contest all eight parliamentary seats in the state. Tampin, Rasah, Seremban, and Port Dickson are now under its control and it hopes it can win in all 8 seats.

Negeri Sembilan was one of six states that PH wrested from BN following its historic victory in the 2018 general election. Kedah, Perak, Johor, Melaka, and Sabah were the other five states but PH lost control of Kedah, Perak, Johor, Melaka and Sabah thanks to betrayals.

Negeri Sembilan Frontline

Negeri Sembilan
Negeri Sembilan Frontline for Pakatan Harapan

To achieve that, PH has to turn Negeri Sembilan into a frontline state, as it did in Johor during the last GE, however, for the No 19 elections, PH is putting more effort on Perak where DS Anwar Ibrahim will be the candidate in Tambun.

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