Surfrais? Is It Surface or Surprise? 

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There was a post with a confusing caption mentioning this new word called “surfrais” and it caught the attention of Twitter netizens, is it Surface or Surprise? It could be just a typing error, or maybe it’s the way certain people would spell the word surprise. 

However, some may even read it as a surface. Apparently, it was about a new couple posting their 1 monthly anniversary surprise. Netizens found it “cringe” without the typing error as it is, but obviously, they are going to make fun of it even further due to that error. 

Surface or Surprise

Someone claimed their brains turned to mush after reading that caption. The running joke was “the importance of MUET.” Previously, there was another netizen posting his dating requirements, and he stated the girl who wants to date him needs to score a certain band in MUET. Do you still think it is Surface or Surprise?

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