Pakatan Leads BN In Race To Putrajaya

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Pakatan leads BN at the start of the official campaign to win the elections on Nov 19 says a survey by the Merdeka Centre conducted among 1,209 voters aged 18 and above showing that 26 per cent of respondents preferred Harapan over BN’s 24, followed by Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) 13 per cent.

Those on the fence are more in numbers (31 per cent) while four per cent refused to answer the survey question while two per cent said they would vote for Gerakan Tanah Air (GTA) or other parties. (Refer to the chart below)

Though the survey was conducted after Parliament’s dissolution, between Oct 19 and 28, it appears BN does not have a lot of support, unlike what the coalition leaders were saying before the dissolution of the Parliament.

Pakatan Leads BN

While Pakatan leads BN overall, the survey also asked questions that determine the voting preferences on racial lines. The majority of Malay voters (32 per cent) preferred BN, followed by 29 per cent who said they had no preference or were unsure. About 20 per cent chose PN, while Harapan garnered just about 13 per cent of support.

Pakatan Leads BN
Pakatan Leads BN says survey

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