RM27,000 To Raise A Child Within The First Year? 

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Malaysia has gotten more expensive lately, due to the inflation and the declining Ringgit. To some, the fall of the Ringgit may be beneficial, but its not reflected to the rest of the population. 

A netizen randomly asked a question on Twitter regarding the cost to have a child in modern day Malaysia. She was curious to find out what is the true cost of bearing a child up till he or she is born. 

Cost to Raise A Child

Response by another netizen with experience stated that currently, raising a child would cost over RM2,250/Month which includes all necessities for a child. There were some that said it could cost as low as RM6,000 to RM8,000 if you’re thrifty enough. 

Raise A Child
Raise A Child Image of a baby, from Wikipedia.

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